Experienced. Forward-Thinking. Always a Step Ahead.

Business Development | Account Service

Whether he’s climbing into a Porsche GT3, Formula 3 car or leading branding efforts for a client, Jeff Kirk knows how to take the wheel and steer a path to success.

An innovative marketing strategist, Jeff Kirk has a keen understanding of the role of digital content and technology in branding. For Tamarack Agency clients, he helps identify the best digital platforms to promote the brand, target the right audiences, and drive results.

In a career spanning two decades, Jeff has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet, including IBM, Jaguar, Berkshire Hathaway, the Dallas Cowboys, the Boy Scouts of America, Mazda, and Nike.

Design Director | Development

Troy Myatt describes himself as a “wrangler of white open spaces.” An award-winning designer with experience in all aspects of brand marketing — from advertising to sales support to digital/mobile media – Troy is a unique talent who is able to translate specific marketing goals into captivating graphic design.

Troy is working on becoming a pilot and is also an outer space junkie. He was proud to serve as a social media representative for a SpaceX rocket launch and NASA S-25 engine test.

In his career, he has served as senior art director for one of the top agencies in the Southwest; led creative efforts as in-house art director for the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau; honed his design director skills at American Airlines Publishing – Custom Division and then jetted off to Southwest Airlines to work for the pilots creating digital publications and apps.  Other clients he has worked with include Apple, Mazda, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Hilton Hotels, and recently the Lonesome Dove Reunion.

Writer | Strategy

Brian Pierce is known for delivering big ideas, whether he’s creating the theme for a major, integrated campaign or developing content for digital media. Throughout his career, he’s led marketing efforts that have spurred record sales and won prestigious awards.

Brian is the former creative director at Regian & Wilson, then the largest ad/PR firm in Fort Worth, and has created compelling campaigns for companies in a wide range of industries: worldwide financial services firms, national fast food franchises, leading health care systems, innovative technology companies, and popular regional attractions.

He holds a bachelor of arts degree with honors in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma.