To say I am beyond excited to be spending this week with NASA Social to watch NASA test the SLS RS-25 Engine in understatement – even 3D printing one. This being my 2nd NASA Social, I’ll be among another group of space geeks, engineers, designers (and some returning friends from CRS-6 Space X Launch) for an another inside look into NASA and the future of space travel. I’ll be sharing more of thoughts in a future post specifically on NASA Socials.


The details:

On Thursday, August 13th, NASA will ignite one of the RS-25 engines at Stennis AFB, the first was ignited back in January of this year, that will be used to power the core state of NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS), pictured below, which will power the Orion crew capsule on deep space missions — just think the Saturn series from the Apollo Missions but this time headed to MARS and beyond. The purpose of the test is for engineers to verify the performance of this new engine which exactly isn’t new. The RS-25 is a modified engine that were used on the space shuttle which powered 135 missions from 1981 until 2011. You can read more about the “Clark Kent” of Engines here.


In addition to the engine test, our group will be visiting the Cryogenic Seawall, the Pegasus Barge and INFINITY Science Center.

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